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  • Attack Triangle Pro

    Attack Triangle Pro
    The interactive Attack Triangle is designed to challenge players by replicating the positioning of an opponents skates and stick. The Attack Triangle forces pla...(more)

    $44.95 More Details
  • Sauce Catcher

    Sauce Catcher
    The Puck Catcher is a rugged gathering, storage and carrying solution for hockey pucks. Easily holds over 40 pucks, has a strong adjustable carrying strap has a...(more)

    $49.95 More Details
  • Dangle Glove Stickhandling Aid

    Dangle Glove Stickhandling Aid
    This revolutionary stickhandling aid teaches proper technique while increasing wrist strength and hand speed. It is designed to allow bottom hand to move freely...(more)

    $54.95 More Details
  • One-Timer Counter Weight

    One-Timer Counter Weight
    Add this to One-Timer for use on ice, polished concrete or other smooth surfaces. The counterweight allows the One-Timer to remain stationary when not attached ...(more)

    $59.95 More Details
  • HS Extreme Dangler

    HS Extreme Dangler
    NEWLY DESIGNED with moveable middle legs, the HockeyShot Extreme Dangler gives you the freedom to create more custom puck control and stick-handling drills....(more)

    $64.95 More Details
  • HS Extreme Passer Clamp-On - 24

    HS Extreme Passer Clamp-On - 24"
    Improve your passing accuracy with the HockeyShot Extreme Passer Clamp-On. You'll quicken your wrists, soften your hands and even work on developing a blisterin...(more)

    $64.95 More Details
  • HS Passer Pro - 37

    HS Passer Pro - 37"
    Step up your passing game with HockeyShot's Extreme Passer Pro. You can use it to work on shuffle passes, bullet crosses and even long leaders thanks to its lon...(more)

    $159.95 More Details