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EXCLUSIVE: City preschools shut out hundreds of kids with severe disabilities

Paola Estevez knows when her daughter Jacelyn is suffering, even though the brown-eyed 3-year-old is limited by severe autism and knows only a few words. So it didn’t take long for the Bronx mom to realize that the little girl was in pain from her commute to the special education preschool classes... ...

A wayward teen, a manipulative priest, and decades of turmoil

Decades after he says he was sexually abused by a priest who mentored him, Jim VanSickle struggles to reconcile his appreciation for the man who changed the course of his life with the persisting inner turmoil he also caused. VanSickle, 55, was 16 years old when, he says, the Rev. David Poulson... ...

HOMETOWN HERO: Subway conductor Kevin Bartsch saved a dying straphanger's life — but broke MTA rules to do it

A quick-thinking subway conductor saved the life of a straphanger after he suffered a heart attack on the F train. But in doing so, conductor Kevin Bartsch also had to break the rules. Bartsch showed plenty of heroism in the March 28 incident — and he also showed the MTA where there’s room for... ...

First Lady Melania Trump joins cyberbullying summit — as her husband uses social media to tear into critics

Melania Trump is moving forward with her anti-cyberbullying platform, despite her husband’s habit of berating and belittling opponents and critics online. The First Lady will attend a summit on the subject Monday, delivering “brief remarks addressing the positive and negative effects of social... ...

Why we had to tame Uber: And what other cities should learn from New York's victory

Three years ago, we saw a crisis coming. So we took a stand against corporate greed, worker exploitation and congested traffic with a reasonable proposition: Limit the flood of new for-hire vehicles dispatched by companies like Uber and Lyft. The reaction was swift. The industry assaulted us with... ...

The funding to save local journalism: Importing an idea from San Diego

Mary Walter-Brown came to New York the other day on a mission to help save our local journalism. She may seem an unlikely savior to New Yorkers. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University, she went west to work in San Diego, which has the weather L.A. wishes it had. But Walter-Brown has something... ...